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Veteran Carriers

At Veteran Carrier's, our mission is to provide a place that employees can call home while building a long-lasting career that leads to retirement. We are dedicated to providing a national-sized solution that combines the customer service and professionalism of a privately owned business that puts customers first. With a commitment to tailoring transport solutions to each client, we prioritize workflow visibility and deliver exceptional value in our services.

Our team of highly skilled professionals, along with our top-notch equipment, ensures that every client receives the utmost quality and efficiency. Additionally, we offer a wide range of industry services to cater to our clients' unique needs, aiming to alleviate the usual protocols found within the supply chain management system.

Today, Donatos remains a fan favorite in our founding city of Columbus and now, far beyond. Our family-owned company still stands firmly on the foundation built by the people-centric principles that inspired our founder to put those very first pizzas in the oven. Working with his daughter, Donatos Chairwoman Jane Grote, Jim remains a guiding influence at the company, and his values continue to shape everything we do—from our generous Edge to Edge® premium toppings to the way we treat our associates like family—and especially the way we always strive to be a good neighbor.

Now with over 460 locations in 29 states, Donatos and its franchise partners operate more than 170 traditional restaurants in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida and Oklahoma more than 280 non-traditional locations.

Donatos’ products are also proudly served in more than 200 non-traditional locations through partnerships with Red Robin, sports and entertainment venues, and REEF.

Rediscovering the POWER of Competition & Teamwork!

How will Former AVIATION WARRIORS Promoting Competition & Teamwork in the Private Sector Help Improve Military Morale and Strengthen the Warrior Culture?

William Tell Launch - Air Dominance Day 2023 - General Kelly

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